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Established in 1990, STAR Enterprise Co. LTD, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of sterilized latex, PVC and silicone products of medical...


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Arab Health 2017

We look forward to meeting you at Dubai and warmly welcome you visiting our booth for further communication. Thank you!...


  • Endotracheal Tube standard with Cuff
  • Tiemann Foley Catheter 2.way with balloonall silicone
  • Latex Foley Catheter 3-Way
  • T drainage Tube( Latex)

Product display

  • Urine Bag Pull-push valve
  • Stomach Tube 3 way double balloon ( Latex)
  • Nelaton Catheter (AlI Silicone)
  • Endotracheal Tube Holder
  • Endotracheal Tube with Suction catheter
  • Tracheostomy Tube Set (With Cuff)
  • T drainage Tube( Latex)
  • Latex UrethraI Catheter Tray with foley catheter
  • Prostate Catheter (Latex)
  • All Silicone Foley Catheter 2-Way pediatric with balloon
  • Silicone Extemal Catheter with strip
  • Anesthesia kits-With Standard Endotracheal Tube
  • Latex Foley Catheter 2-Way standard with balloon
  • Endotracheal Tube standard with Cuff
  • Tracheostomy Tube wlith Cuff
  • Suction Catheter (PVC)
  • Latex Foley Catheter 3-Way with three lumen and double balloon
  • Uterine Cathetar( Latex)
  • Endotracheal Tube ReInforced with cuff
  • EndotracheaI Tube standard without cuff
  • Latex ExtemaI Catheter
  • Stomach Tube one way ( Latex)